Making charitable contributions is a very creative procedure that adapts to the changing needs and desires of the donor. Planned giving allows a donor to arrange charitable contributions that will maximize their personal objectives. Please consider the GPSF  when making Memorial or Honor Gifts.

We would like to thank all those who have remembered the GPSF with memorial or honor gifts. Your donation, in memory of a loved one or to honor someone who has made an important difference, has a lasting value and impact on all of our students.


Roland O. Hegg

Gifts in Honor:
Evan Massey


Maybelle L. Boyd (Class of 1944)
Grant Thompson “Tom” Bullis
Katherine “Gail” Bullis
Janice Candor
T.J. Coffman
Casey Cunningham
Terry Darwine
Dale Foster
Steven P. Gilson
Walter Hallstrom
Judy Hanson
Clarice P. Hegg
Roland O. Hegg
Don Kinyon, Sr. (Class of 1952)
Joseph Patterson
Jane McFall Reichel
Duane Sandberg
Juanita Sandberg
Bruce Spencer
Dorothy E. Varner (GHS Class of 1949)
Thomas G. West

Gifts in Honor:
Arnold Gonzalez
Nic Napier (GHS Class of 2018)


Clare Tegarden
Liz Dechow
Dr. Jeffrey E. Melhus
Ann Rhykerd Asplund (GHS Class of 1949)
Richard E. “Dick” Johnson
William J. “Bill” Keith
Francis L. Zeches
Dwayne I. Morrison
Dorothy E. Varner (GHS Class of 1949)
Frank Gustine
Loved Ones
Roger Robinson


Joseph Patterson
David Powell
Gary Boone (GHS Class of 59)
Robert “Bob” Berry (GHS Class of 1974)
Dorothy E. Varner (GHS Class of 1949)
Bill Burkhalter
Clare Tegarden


Joseph Patterson
Marlene Hanson Brewer (GHS Class of 1959)
Norma Pico
Nancy S. Wilson
John S. Boydstun
Sheila Ann Grone Roehlk (GHS Class of 1959)
Dorothy Varner Hershman (GHS Class of 1949)


Joseph Patterson
Jimmie Crown
Fred Kuster
Dr. Charles “Scott” Dickinson
Sandra “Sandy” A. Adams
George Warren
Dorothy Varner Hershman (GHS Class of 1949)
Virginia (Moon) Fuson
Jacqueline “Jackie” Grimes


Robert T. Self
Richard E. “Rick” Barber
Michael E. “Mike” Cratty
Joseph Patterson
Mike Kroll “Dr. Mike Computer Therapist”
Dorothy Varner Hershman (GHS Class of 1949)


Charles Krause
Bill Klapp
Jan Guenther
Virginia ‘Ginny’ Swanson
Dorothy E. Simms
Peggy Johnston
Joseph Patterson
Jonathan “Bud” Parkin
Debra Jo “Debbie” (Scott) White
Dustin A. Frazier II
Dr. J. Wayne Rehn
Thomas G. West


Art Fish
Betty Vitale
Jack Larson
William Graham
Charles E. Krause
Homer Zumwalt
Maury Beck
Joseph Patterson
Robert “George” Miller
John Chapman
William Westfall
Norm Winick


Therese F. Lanzon
Marilyn Hawkinson
Louise Hogan
Gladys Blyth Rader
Morris Chapman


Judy Taylor


Elizabeth Erffmeyer
John Hawkinson
Harriett Lew
Nancy Pihl Furry


Kenneth Horn
Jim Carley
Marvin Peterson
Joseph Lanzon Jr.
Bill Bruington
Signa Rogers
Harold Canada
C. J. Gauthier
Clarice Hegg
Donald Strand
Gretchen Gates
Barb Ericson Doss
Marilyn Hardine

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