On May 10, 2017, the GPSF held our first Elite Educators Breakfast, to thank our current Elite Educators and also welcome new Elite Educators to join us as we continue to help our schools provide the best possible education for our students, through innovative and inspiring programs and projects.

Guests were treated to a delicious buffet breakfast, partially donated by Hy-Vee, and they also had an opportunity to learn more about some of the programs and projects that have been funded or partially funded by the GPSF.

Speakers included Mrs. Cindy Barshinger and Mrs. Melanie Kochersperger, who discussed their training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention, Ms. Teresa Powell and the top eight finalists from the 2017 Great Galesburg Shake, and Mrs. Rebecca Rappenecker and five Lombard technology students, who demonstrated Sphero SPRK Robots.

Thank you to our guests, our presenters, Hy-Vee, Kohl’s Associates in Action volunteers, and Ms. Sue Dickinson for making our Elite Educators Breakfast such a success!

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All photos courtesy of Ms. Sue Dickinson


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